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Eurythmy as Visible Singing (CW 278)

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Part I, Rudolf Steiner, EURYTHMY as VISIBLE SINGING (Rudolf Steiner's Tone Eurythmy Course) Verbatim report of a course of lectures held in Dornach 19 Feb. 1924 – 27 Feb. 1924, 4th Edition, newly translated, including a facsimile, transcription and translation of the Lecturer’s Notes, with an introduction and index.

Part II, A Companion to Rudolf Steiner’s "Eurythmy as Visible Singing", compiled and expanded by: Alan Stott, together with Josef Matthias HAUER “Interpreting Melos” (1923)

Published in german as Eurythmie als sichtbarer Gesang.

  • Lectures by Rudolf Steiner
  • Translated by Alan Stott
  • Edited and compiled by Alan Stott
  • 548 pages
  • 6.75" x 9.5"
  • Published 2013
  • Paperback