According to Matthew: The Gospel of Christ’s Humanity (CW 123)

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12 lectures, Berne, September 1-12, 1910 (CW 123)


For centuries people have been baffled by the varying accounts of Christ’s life as presented in the four Gospels and have struggled to reconcile them. In these profound and stimulating lectures, Steiner addresses this conundrum. He shows how each of the Gospels presents a different lens onto Christ’s life and message.


Here Steiner reveals the Gospel of Matthew as the one that emphasizes Christ’s humanity. But he does not stop there; his visionary perspective traces Christ’s life and message to spiritual impulses that go back centuries, even millennia, to the legendary civilization of Atlantis, to the mysterious Zarathustra, and to the Jewish sect known as the Essenes. 


An introduction by Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity, puts Steiner’s vision into perspective for modern readers. Once you have experienced Steiner’s powerful exploration of Matthew, you will never see the Gospels in the same way again. 


Previous translation titled The Gospel of St. Matthew.


Written by Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Catherine E. Creeger

Introduction by Richard Smoley 

240 pages

5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 


Published February 2002