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Alchemy: The Evolution of the Mysteries

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With his philosophical and scientific training, Steiner brought a new systematic discipline to the field of spiritual research, allowing for fully conscious methods and comprehensive results. A natural seer, he cultivated his spiritual vision to a high degree, enabling him to speak with authority on previously veiled mysteries.

Samples of his work are to be found in this book of edited texts, which gathers excerpts from his many talks and writings on various themes and feature editorial introductions, commentary, and notes.

-Alchemy and the Rise of the Modern Mysteries 
-The Loss of the Divine and the Alchemical Quest 
-Mysteries of the Metals 
-The Standpoint of Human Wisdom Today 
-Alchemy and Consciousness - the Transformation Alchemy and Archangels 
-The Alchemy of Nature - Mercury, Sulphur, Salt 
-Beyond Nature Consciousness - the Spiritual Goal