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Art as Spiritual Activity Rudolf Steiner's Contribution to the Visual Arts

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This book introduces a new way for thinking about, creating, and viewing art. Rudolf Steiner saw his task as the renewal of the lost unity of science, the arts, and religion; thus, he created a new, cognitive scientific and religious art in anthroposophy. The implications of his act —recognized by such diverse artists as Wassily Kandinsky and Joseph Beuys —are only now coming fully to light. 


In his thorough introduction of more than a hundred pages, Michael Howard takes readers through these thought-provoking chapters:

Is Art Dead?

To Muse or Amuse

Artistic Activity As Spiritual Activity

The Representative of Humanity

Beauty, Creativity, and Metamorphosis

New Directions in Art

Lectures include:

The Aesthetics of Goethe’s Worldview

The Spiritual Being of Art

Buildings Will Speak

The Sense Organs and Aesthetic Experience

The Two Sources of Art

The Building at Dornach

The Supersensible Origin of the Arts

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Christ, Ahriman, and Lucifer

Plus a bibliography and index


Lectures by Rudolf Steiner

Edited by Michael Howard 

336 pages 

6" x 9" 


Published October 1997