Moover Baby Walker

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The Moover Toys Baby Walker is perfect for your little one's first steps! Made of quality wood from sustainable sources, this walker is made to be enjoyed for many generations. The uniquely designed shock absorbing rubber wheels and handle ensures that the walker is stable under all conditions. Additionally, the braking system allows for an adjustable resistance on the wheels. Tighten the wheels to create a sturdier object for little ones to balance and walk with or loosen them as the child develops and moves about more easily! All Moover toys are crafted from sustainable sources with today's environmentally conscious parent in mind. It is delivered in a flat pack and can be assembled easily and quickly with a unique "click key system" without the use of any tools! Click on the MOOVER video that shows how easy the ‘click key’ system works for assembly. This feature makes this product easy to take apart and ‘travel’ with you! Ideal for children ages 8 months +. Look out, here they come!

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