A Journey Through Time in Verse and Rhyme

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An invaluable collection of poetry for use by teachers at every stage of school life from primary school to early adolescence. The poems are arranged in accordance with the development of the child from six to fourteen and provide support for the subject matter of lessons, from botany and physics to history and astronomy. They encompass a wide variety of moods from gratitude and wonder at the natural world to cordage and heroism of individuals pitted against the odds, and range from ancient Egypt to modern times. 

Works by well-known poets—Shakespeare, Blake, Wordsworth, Browning—are juxtaposed with the refreshingly unfamiliar. Sections on alliterative verse, riddles, tongue-twisters, action verses and the seasons of the year provide a stimulus for practical activities in the classroom. Also included are meditative verses for teachers to help them deepen their understanding of the children in their care. 

This is a resource book to treasure. It will awaken a love of poetry in both young and old. 


Written by Heather Thomas

368 pages

6.125" x 9.25"

Published  May 1998