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Brothers and Sisters: The Order of Birth in the Family

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“There can be no doubt that special traits of character and mental makeup are found in children and adults who belong to the different ranks in the order of birth.” In this classic work, Karl König attempts to explain the various characteristics of first, second, and third sibling, without losing sight of the tremendous individuality of the human being. Just as our environment shapes our language, social behavior, and mannerisms, so, too, our place in the family determines how we encounter life. 

This is a fascinating handbook for parents, teachers, and caregivers. Over the years it has become a definitive reference on the subject of child development. 

This edition in the Karl König Archive series includes a new introduction by series editor Richard Steel; an extended introduction by Karl König; two new essays (“The Two Sisters” and “Brother and Sister”); lecture notes and transcriptions by Karl König, and an essay by A. Limbrunner on the significance for today of König's work on family order.