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Cognitive Yoga: Making Yourself a New Etheric Body and Individuality

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In the twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner issued a challenge for practitioners of Western science of the spirit. Would it be possible to develop a new form of cognitive (or Michaelic) yoga? In contrast to the Eastern yogis who practiced the spiritualization of breathing in and breathing out, such a contemporary yogic practice would involve the spiritualization of thinking as well as a transformation of perceptions and sensations. 

In Cognitive Yoga, Dr. Ben-Aharon responds to this call, developing the entire modern yogic process. He describes it in remarkable detail. Through the methods presented, committed practitioners of Anthroposophy can create a living framework for spiritual research through fully spiritualized thinking, accompanied by the complete renewal of our experiences of perception and sensation, as well as the human body itself.

Included in this extraordinary book is a comprehensive guide to spiritualizing the senses while transforming the deepest and most unconscious bodily processes and functions. Cognitive Yoga culminates with a pioneering description of a completely individualized meeting with the etheric Christ in the ether world—the most important spiritual and human experience that people can have today and through millennia to come.

This seminal work—built on decades of first-hand research—offers tangible evidence that Western spiritual training is not only alive and well, but also filled with potential for future development. Jesaiah Ben-Aharon offers a fully formulated and practical guide to knowledge of the spiritual world's present revelations.