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Community Care and Inclusion for People with an Intellectual Disability

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Community care is a concept that has shaped government policy, provision, and practice for people with an intellectual disability for four decades. Standing in contrast to institutional care, which held sway for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, community care is often presented in simplistic ways that need to be challenged and rebalanced.

The essays in this varied collection are multidisciplinary, to bring the widest perspective to this controversial and elusive yet highly influential concept. They examine the barriers that people with an intellectual disability face, including access to housing, work, healthcare and online resources. They assess the practice of community care, and argue for far-reaching changes to care philosophy and the quality of services. They offer insightful comparative studies from around the world, including from the U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Bhutan.

Contributors include Robin Dunbar, Robert Cummins, Susan Balandin, Dan McKanan, Bryan Dague, Michael Kendrick, Simon Jarrett, Tho Na Vinh, Birgit Mirfin-Voitch and many more.