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Cosmosophy Vol. 2: Cosmic Influences on the Human Being (CW 208)

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11 lectures, Dornach, October 21 – November 13, 1921 (CW 208)

The modern, materialistic worldview is a product of fear and anxiety. This fer lives on in the outer actions of human beings, in the social structure, in the course of history.... Why did people become materialists; why would they admit only the outer, that which is given in the material existence? Because they were afraid to descend into the depths of the human being. —Rudolf Steiner

With these words Steiner describes the relationship between inner and outer realities. In a sense deeper than normally recognized, the mind-body split is the result of a fear to penetrate the mind—the inner human being. This lack of inner courage rebounds on society and civilization, producing the terrible conditions modern humanity finds itself surrounded by. And real healing will not come until we can summon the courage to penetrate the hidden inner mysteries. 

These themes and many more are explored in these insightful lectures.