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Esoteric Lessons 1910–1912: From the Esoteric School, vol. 2 (CW 266/2)

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Notes written from memory by the participants and meditation verses by Rudolf Steiner (CW 266/2)


In this second of three volumes from Rudolf Steiner’s early Esoteric School, we find a further deepening of spiritual practice and training. Steiner explains the requirements one must meet to become a serious student of esotericism. In addition, he gives directions—always emphasizing the increasing need for earnestness—for the transformation of the inner life, for the development of new spriritual forces and capacities, and for recognizing and overcoming the dangers that arise on a spiritual path. Moreover, he shows how one should approach specific meditations. 


These lessons mark Rudolf Steiner’s continued movement away from the Eastern path of the Theosophical Society at the time and his increasing focus on the Christian-Rosicrucian path, recognizing Christ as the leader of the path of his form of spiritual training.


This volume is the English translation of «Aus den Inhalten der esoterischen Stunden, Gedächtnisaufzeichnungen von Teilnehmern. Band.2, 1910-1912» (GA 266/2). 


Written by Rudolf Steiner

Translated by James Hindes

Introduction by Christopher Bamford

520 pages

8.5" X 5.5"

Published April 2012