From Symptom to Reality in Modern History (CW 185)

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9 lectures, Dornach, Oct. 18 - Nov. 3, 1918 (CW 185)

In a radical approach to understanding current affairs and history, Steiner presents a method of penetrating to the hidden causes and realities behind outer appearance. He tells us that contemporary life cannot be fully understood by an analysis restricted to external events. Deeper levels of meaning are revealed when we begin to view such events as symptoms. The causes of the symptoms—the reality behind them—are discovered on other levels of existence. 

Steiner demonstrates his “symptomatological” approach in these lectures, surveying some of the great developments in consciousness that have helped form the world during recent centuries. He examines the role of true socialism, the rise of nationalism, and describes contrasting approaches to religion by distinguishing between “People of the Christ” in Russia, “People of the Church” in Central Europe, and “People of the Lodges” in the West. 

Among the wealth of material covered, Steiner discusses the mystery of evil, the mystery of death, the birth of the consciousness soul, the significance of scientific thinking, the metaphysical element in the study of history, as well as specific events such as the Russian Revolution and the suppression of the Knights Templar. He also reviews the circumstances surrounding the publication of new editions of his books The Philosophy of Freedom and Goethe’s Worldview. 

Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of our time will find a firm basis for meaningful exploration in these lectures.

This volume is a translation from German of Geschichtliche Symptomatologie (GA 185). 


Lectures by Rudolf Steiner 

Translated by A. H. Parker

256 pages

5.25" x 8.5"



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