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Gawain and the Grail Quest: Healing the Waste Land in our Time

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Grail and Arthurian legends continue to fascinate readers today as much as they did when they first appeared in the twelfth century. Why do these medieval stories still resonate so powerfully in our imagination? Could they hold a key to transforming our world, and ourselves? 

This unique book takes an in-depth look at the themes of the Grail quest and at an enduring Grail hero for our time: Sir Gawain, an-all-too-human and complex figure who bridges Earth and Heaven and holds opposites in balance: paganism and Christianity, masculine and feminine aspects of the divine, faith and gnosis. 

Jeffrey Dixon argues powerfully that restoring the healing power that Gawain represents may be essential to our survival in the twenty-first century, as we face religious fundamentalism and ecological catastrophe. 

This is a challenging and enlightening book for those interested in the wisdom of the past, and those looking for inspirational ways forward for our world.