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Healing Plants: Herbal Remedies, from Traditional to Anthroposophical Medicine

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Rosemary, mint, and onions are commonly found in kitchens, but physician Markus Sommer asserts that cooking makes use of only one aspect of such plants. In this illustrated, readable book, he vividly describes their full characteristics, helping the reader to understand their real nature. 

Dr. Sommer discusses the properties of more than thirty plants. For example, did you know that St. John's wort is good not only for depression, but also heals wounds? Plantain is good for coughs and is effective in treating strokes and multiple sclerosis. He demonstrates the deep connection between the character of plants and the types of the conditions they can cure or alleviate. 

More than just a simple guide to herbal remedies, this book lifts the lid on the powerful secrets of the plant world. 


“Altogether the book is an enrichment of our understanding of herbal remedies through its many interesting cultural, botanical, and pharmaceutical descriptions. Essential reading for every physician, pharmacist, and naturopath.” 

Prof. C. Schemp, Freiburg University


By Markus Sommer

352 p.

6" x 9.25"