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In the Sign of Five

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1879 - 1899 - 1933 - 1998 - Today The Five Spiritual Events, Tasks and Beings of the First Half of the Age of Michael: An Apocalyptic View of Contemporary History


“Spiritual knowledge is not given to us as in ancient times. By spiritual means it must be struggled and striven for against a host of demons.... We must therefore get to know the powers that would cover up and obscure all spiritual knowledge.” (from the preface)


“The world seems to be standing within a demonic storm that threatens to overwhelm it,” states T. H. Meyer at the outset of this rousing call for a wide-ranging, spiritual-scientific knowledge of the world. Appeals to traditional religious belief will no longer pacify this storm, nor will “goodwill” suffice. Building on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, In the Sign of Five tackles the central task of our time—the epistemological struggle with evil—and presents the five most important spiritual events since the beginning of the Age of Michael:


1879: the rise of Michael to the rank of Time Spirit;

1899: the end of Kali Yuga; 

1933: the appearance of Christ in the Etheric;

1998: the assault of Sorath, ‘one of the greatest ahrimanic demons’;

The present: the incarnation of Ahriman. 


These events are linked to the five main tasks of the present Age of Michael—the great challenge of inner knowledge and spiritual consciousness posed by the epoch as a whole. In the light of world history and within the context of “the sign of five” we stand now at the fifth place—the point of Ahriman’s incarnation. 


Is humanity prepared for this decisive event? Have we recognized the phenomena of evil that surround us every day? Have the tasks related to the five events been identified, and to what extent have they been accomplished? How is evil related to “the Good” that guides the world—specifically, the Christ impulse? Meyer provides a vital, pithy, and aphoristic handbook for our apocalyptic times. 


Written by T. H. Meyer

100 pages

6" x 9.25"