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Living Universe-Studies In Astrosophy

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Willi Sucher first met Rudolf Steiner's work in 1919 at the age of seventeen, but he had to wait until he was eighteen to join the Anthroposophical Society. He attended lectures and was inspired by Steiner's vision of the new growing relationship of the human being to the cosmic world. Willi had been dissatisfied with the insufficient presentation of astrology, and he was deeply connected with the impulse to help develop a transformed astrology whereby individuals would learn to become creators and utilize their full potential.

He continued his work and research, and when he was 25 he came across a report of a lecture given by Dr. Elisabeth Vreede in which she referred to remarks made by Steiner about the configurations in the heavens at the time of a person's death. (Dr. Vreede had been appointed as the head of the Mathematical-Astronomical Section of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.) As Willi was studying Tolstoi at the time, he sent Tolstoi's death asterogram to Dr. Vreede along with his suggestions. She was very excited about his research, and a partnership of research and work immediately began that was to last until her death nearly ten years later. Some years after this, in a letter to a friend, Willi was to refer to Dr. Vreede as the "perfect astrologer".

Following this foundation work with Dr. Vreede, Willi spent the rest of his life working toward the development of a new star wisdom, one that would be appropriate for our modern times. For those who are ready to take up an inner path of self development, there is much wisdom and guidance in his work.