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Lost at the Zoo

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Rory the pet mouse goes on a trip in Sam's pocket to Edinburgh Zoo. As he leans out to get a better look, Rory falls into the anteater's enclosure. How will tiny Rory ever find Sam again in the enormous zoo?


“Have you seen Sam?” Rory asks, and tries to describe his owner. He tells the zebra that Sam has sticky-out, sandy hair, and is sent to see the lion! He tells the lion that Sam has big round eyes, and gets sent to the owl!


Rory meets lots of animals—a helpful anteater, a polite zebra, a grumpy lion, a hungry owl, a friendly rhino, the elegant flamingos and the blethering penguins, who take him along on their penguin parade...but will he ever find Sam?


This charming zoo story, full of wonderful animal characters, is beautifully illustrated by talented young artist, Joanne Nethercott.


(Ages 3-6)