Marguerite Lundgren

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Marguerite Lundgren: Recollections of a Life in Eurythmy


This celebration of the life of Marguerite Lundgren traces her childhood in London through to her founding the London School of Eurythmy and the London Eurythmy Stage Group, together with her insight into the development of eurythmy in the English language. Marguerite had a deep connection with the movement within the sounds of English and English poetry. It was her life's work developing and transforming this into a visible "sounding" in her lessons and performances. For any eurythmist working with eurythmy in English, the section on the "English Sounds" and how to do them can be a great help in finding an approach which transcends mere spelling. As a personality, Marguerite was many-faceted and this comes alive in the many memories of her as a teacher, colleague and friend. These memories tell of a woman who inspired those with whom she worked and lived.


Melissa Harwood grew up in California and came to England in 1970. She studied at the London School of Eurythmy under the leadership of Marguerite Lundgren from 1972 - 1976 where she received her diploma in eurythmy. She joined the London Stage Group after her training and travelled with them performing in the U.K. and abroad. She also taught at the London Eurythmy School for fourteen years. Upon leaving the school and Stage Group she moved to London where she worked in the costume department at the Royal Opera House, London. She now works with eurythmy in organisations and has travelled extensively with this aspect of eurythmy as well as holding special courses for eurythmists. Melissa now lives in the Lake District where she also paints and sculpts.


Written by Melissa Harwood

Edited by Anastasi Ltd.

Published  2015