Organic Wool and Wool-Silk Long-Sleeved Shirts

$ 40.00 USD

Physical warmth is one of the most important factors in helping young children play and grow - if the body gets cold, it will divert its energy to keeping warm instead.  Wool helps to regulate the body's temperature by absorbing perspiration without feeling wet; its natural fibers breathe, keeping your child warm & dry, indoors and out.


Pure organic wool lacks the pesticides and chemicals that many people are allergic to.  We also offer a 70% wool/30% silk blend, uniting the best qualities of these two fibers, for those who prefer extra softness and durability.


  • Made from KbT Certified organic Merino wool
  • Dyes meet KbT standards
  • Can be worn many times before washing due to wool's self-cleansing properties
  • For easiest care, we recommend washing in Eucalan
  • Made in Switzerland


    Special orders will be drop-shipped from our distributor, arriving via 2-Day Priority USPS!


    Shirts are also available in short-sleeved and sleeveless styles.  Please contact us, we are happy to special order these for you.

    In our experience, woolies tend to run small and do shrink a bit over time.  For this reason, we recommend sizing up.


     Child's Height (cm) Child's Height (in) Approximate Age (years)
    92 36.2 1-2
    104 40.9 3-4
    116 45.7 5-6
    128 50.4 7-8
    140 55.1 9-10
    152 59.8 11-12
    164 64.6 13-14

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