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Parzival: A Romance of the Middle Ages (Vintage)

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Translation by Charles Passage and Helen Mustard (yellow cover)

Parzival, an Arthurian romance completed by Wolfram von Eschenbach in the first years of the thirteenth century, is one of the foremost works of German literature and a classic that can stand with the great masterpieces of the world.

The most important aspects of human existence, worldly and spiritual, are presented in strikingly modern terms against the panorama of battles and tournaments and Parzival's long search for the Grail.

The world of knighthood, of love and loyalty and human endeavor despite the cruelty and suffering of life, is constantly mingling with the world of the Grail, affirming the inherent unity between man's temporal condition and his quest for something beyond human existence.

  • Written by Wolfram von Eschenbach
  • Translated by Helen M. Mustard and Charles E. Passage
  • Edited by
  • Illustrated by
  • 443 pages
  • Published 1961
  • Paperback