Pedagogical Theater

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Dramaturgy and Performance Practice for the Lower, Middle, and High School


Drama is a therapeutic and artistic stimulant for all students, for all people. During the Golden Age of Greece the community insisted upon regular attendance at the theater for the soul health of the citizenry. Admission was free. "Pedagogical Theater" explores the many ways in which drama, theater, plays and puppet shows can be incorporated into a school's curriculum.


From grade one through grade twelve different techniques are described for effective planning and accomplishment of plays on behalf of the children at each grade level. Writing the play, amending an existing play, correct assessment of appropriate plays for each grade level, assigning parts, memorizing lines, building sets and costumes making masks, the use of music in plays right through to writing and performing an opera, and balancing other arts of the school day when a play is in process are all addressed in this rich resource for teachers and communities. In addition succinct renderings of the history of theater, available literature on drama in a schools' context, and other resources for rehearsal and performance of a play are all topics addressed in this invaluable book.  


The book stimulates creative thoughts as well as courage and competence in this demanding and rewarding arena of drama in a school's life, and in the life of each class. This book will enhance the capacity of any elementary, middle or high school teacher. it will help any parent bent on having community theater alive in a community and can broaden the work of community theaters everywhere.


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290 pages

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