Rosicrucian Wisdom: An Introduction (CW 99)

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14 lectures, Munich, May 22- June 6, 1907 (CW 99)


The work of Rudolf Steiner is unique in the way it combines esoteric teaching with practical suggestions for the development of social life. Indeed, we know Steiner today mostly because of the various applications of his ideas in such areas as education, medicine, and agriculture. However, society could not have developed any of these without the coherent and profound body of spiritual knowledge at the core of Steiner's work.


In Rosicrucian Wisdom—one of Rudolf Steiner’s most complete introductions to modern spirituality—he speaks from the very stream of Rosicrucian teaching. Rather than borrowing old ideas from historical tradition, however, he presents a wholly new contribution that arises from the results of his own experiential, spiritual research. 


Steiner discusses of the Rosicrucian path as the one appropriate for modern spiritual seekers in the West. He warns the reader that Rosicrucian teaching should not be taken as abstract theory; rather than remaining in the head, or even in the heart, spiritual ideas should reach into daily action and transform all aspects of life. He goes on to describe many facets of spiritual truth, including the law of destiny, the fact of life after death, means of developing spiritual vision, humanity’s past and future evolution, and much more. 


This volume contains one of the best lecture courses for gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual principles behind Anthroposophy. 


Written by Rudolf Steiner

194 pages

8.5" X 5.5"

Published August 2000