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Christianity and Islam

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The Qu'ranic statement that "Allah has no son" constitutes one of the essential differences between Islam and Christianity. Is Christian worship of God any different if one believes in the divine Son? Is the doctrine of the Trinity unnecessary? 


Frieling proposes that, faced with the straightforward monotheism of Islam, many Christians might ask themselves such questions. He starts by examining the roots of the divergence of the two spiritual streams carried by Abraham's sons, Ishmael and Isaac. He goes on to describe Muhammad's establishment of Islam with the Qu'ran as its fundamental revelation. 


The heart of the book revolves around Frieling's analysis of what is meant by "the Son." He asserts that the divine Son has an essential role not only in humankind's relationship with God, but also in our entire evolution on Earth. He also argues that the unfulfilled needs of a religion that overlooked the Son were critical in the emergence of the Shiah branches of Islam. In this, he feels, we can detect an unconscious search for Christ. 


Written by Rudolf Frieling

144 pages