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Sexuality, Love, and Partnership: From the Perspective of Spiritual Science

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“Rudolf Steiner presents the human soul dilemma, split into male and female attributes...but offers a path of development that will eventually lead to overcoming these—what Jung called ‘individuation,’ a merging with the true self or true ego of the human being.” (from the introduction)


We live in a sexualized society, surrounded by sexual imagery and content in almost every area of life. This condition presents us with many challenges. These include decreased clarity and increasing confusion about the distinction between love and sex; strife between men and women over their roles in society; and a persistent assault on childhood innocence. 


Despite the sensibilities of his time, Steiner made a huge contribution to our understanding of the complex theme of sexuality. In this freshly compiled anthology, Steiner describes the point in evolution at which human beings split from being androgynous, single-sexed beings to becoming beings of male and female genders. He traces the changing roles of the sexes in society, from the matriarchal past to today’s patriarchal dominance. The division of the sexes brings suffering, but also the possibility of achieving higher stages of love. In the distant future, humanity can evolve sexuality into a new form, with the possibility that even the process of reproduction will be transformed. 


Steiner is refreshingly nonjudgmental and does not preach asceticism. He recognizes the all-too-human frailty with which people confront their personal lives, even in the case of such a great individual as Goethe. Sex is a necessary stage of human evolution, and the split nature of the human being is a fact of our time. Its healing will be gradual, but like Amfortas in the Grail story—whose wounded groin was a metaphor for amorous misadventure—we can all be healed through love and compassion.