Spirit of the Mountain

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The hot South-African summer is getting to Emily. She escapes to her Uncle Tim’s farm where she meets green-eyed Joey and can relax. But Emily has an eating disorder, and each day she slips further away from those around her. Only Anna can help her—Anna the healer, the herbalist, who possesses the wisdom of ancient customs and traditions. Anna offers Emily knowledge of a world she could scarcely imagine. 

  • “Somewhere she could hear water dripping. There was a hollow echo after each splash and Emily followed the curve of the rock, walking on the small path that now appeared, worn and sandy beneath her feet. Anna kept some distance behind, Sipho’s small cry resounding off the rocks. Suddenly Emily rounded a bend and found herself facing a huge overhang. The rock formed a massive, flat ceiling that seemed to retreat right into the mountainside.”


“A fine, strong, delicate story of a girl in mortal danger, who is saved because she brings herself to ask help from powers she does not understand. Emily lives in South Africa, but the voice in her diary is utterly recognizable half the world away—funny and agonizingly true.” —Ursula K. LeGuin, author of The Earthsea Cycle

“A realistic and empathic depiction of a young girl’s struggle with an eating disorder and how she overcomes it. Intriguing and topical. Recommended for readers aged 10–13.” —Maire Ni Dhonnchadha, Inis: the Children’s Books Ireland magazine, Spring 2004

“Part of the book is written in the form of Emily’s diary, and some of it is quite funny. This book was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was quite scary when Emily wasn’t eating. It made me understand anorexia more, and sure that I never want to be anorexic. I would say it’s for ages 11 and up.” —Jenny, age 11, Education Otherwise, February 2004 

“Sometimes you find secrets where you least expect them. But what can a baby know, or an old man on a mountain? Can Emily learn to listen in time? Shelley Davidow’s Spirit of the Mountain will take you on a journey you won’t forget.” —Bette Lunch Husted, author of Above the Clearwater 

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