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The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail

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"However paradoxical it may seem today, the 'Grail mood' is, in the fullest sense, to be found in Russia. And the future role that Russia will play in the sixth post-Atlantean epoch...rests firmly upon this unconquerable 'Grail mood' in the Russian people." —Rudolf Steiner

Although Eastern Europe has been part of the Christian world for more than a thousand years, its spiritual identity remains a mystery. This mystery, says Sergei Prokofieff, can be fully solved only by looking behind external events and seeking spiritual—metahistorical—dimensions of reality. By illuminating the maya of outer history, Prokofieff reveals the forces that have been at work to hinder the progress of humankind—the materialistic Brotherhoods of the West and the occult aspects of Jesuitism and Bolshevism. Those adversarial groups have created a "karma of materialism" that the eastern Slavic peoples have taken upon themselves out of their "exalted willingness for sacrifice."

Prokofieff shows how, from the earliest times, the future "conscience of humanity" flowed from hidden mystery centers in Hibernia to the eastern Slavic peoples. As a result, qualities of "compassion, patience, and willingness for sacrifice" developed in their souls, creating a truly Christian "Grail mood.". Despite incalculable suffering—from the persecutions of the Mongol hordes to the Bolshevik experiment of the last century—this quality has become an unconquerable force. Will humanity be able to use the present opportunity granted by this sacrifice to fulfill the primary purposes of the present cultural epoch? Can the future mysteries of the Holy Grail be fulfilled?

In this momentous work, breathtaking in its scope and detail, the author attempts a truly esoteric approach, penetrating to the spiritual wellsprings of Eastern Europe in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s research.