Time-Journeys: A Counter-Image to Anthroposophical Spiritual Research

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In this concise study Sergei Prokofieff addresses the nature of spiritual scientific research as well as a number of central Christological themes:


The significance of our individual relationship to the Christ;

Taking personal responsibility for our misdeeds while Christ takes upon himself the “Sin of the World” (John 1:29);

The spiritual-scientific approach compared to religion and faith;

The modern path of initiation outlined by Rudolf Steiner and the corresponding direction of development into higher stages of consciousness, progressively freed from physical sensory impressions;

The moral-spiritual “Sun” nature of the Christ being;

The Moon sphere and the obstacles it presents to achieving clarity in spiritual perceptions;

The nature of matter and substance in relation to the Grail chalice;

The role of Christ in the “Raising of Lazarus” and the question of the magical contravention of natural laws;

The nature of the Resurrected Phantom of Christ and the paths Rudolf Steiner described toward achieving an individual relation to it.


A superficial assessment of this work by Sergei Prokofieff would believe it to be directed at individual personalities. A deeper consideration, however, reveals the value of this book as a guide to measuring one’s own spiritual perceptions against the rigorous criteria laid out by Rudolf Steiner and for maintaining the discernment needed to recognize the non-validity of the numerous spurious spiritual claims surrounding us today.


“Time-Journeys”: A Counter-Image to Anthroposophical Spiritual Research is a response to the book by Peter Tradowsky, The Stigmata: Destiny as a Question of Knowledge, which was itself a response to the appendix, “The Forces of the Phantom and Stigmatization” by Sergei Prokofieff in The Mystery of the Resurrection in the Light of Anthroposophy (Temple Lodge, 2010). 


Written by Sergei Prokofieff

Translated by Willoughby Ann Walshe

Edited by Thomas O'Keefe

156 pages

6" x 8.25"