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Transforming the Soul Vol. 2 (CW 59)

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9 lectures, Berlin, 9 lectures, Berlin, January-May 1910 (CW 59)

A previous edition of this work: Metamorphoses of the Soul: Paths of Experience, vol. 2.


In a refreshingly practical series of lectures, Rudolf Steiner speaks about the nature of the human soul and how it can be transformed and lifted to higher consciousness. He considers the spiritual significance of various expressions of human nature—laughing and weeping, sickness and health, error and mental disorder, positivity and negativity, and conscience. Steiner also discusses prayer, mysticism, the purpose of art, and the significance of language. Throughout these talks, he refers to many key historical figures, including Zarathustra, Socrates, Plato, Homer, Wagner, Goethe, Hegel, and Angelus Silesius. 


These inspiring lectures form the conclusion to Transforming the Soul, vol. 1, but can also be read independently. 


This volume is a translation of Metamorphosen des Seelenlebens—Pfade der Seelenerlebnisse: Zweiter Teil (GA 59).


Written by Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Charles Davy and Christian von Arnim

Revised by Pauline Wehrle 

232 pages

8.5" X 5.5"

Published September 2006