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What the Angels Need to Tell Us Now: Receiving, Considering and Acting on Their Messages

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“When an angel wants to be perceived he fixes his eyes on me. It feels the same as when a person stares at you. You look up from your book or your work and look in the direction from which the stare is coming. I am aware there is someone in the room, but I do not know, before I turn round, whether it is an angel, three angels, my dead father, my son's teacher or someone else. The presence can be felt, like the presence of a bodily human being... Once, an archangel was present. The air gets so dense, so full, it makes you afraid. You have the feeling you are being overwhelmed, you are not able to breathe any more” (from the book). 


The first part of this unique book focuses on the author’s own experiences of being attentive to angelic guidance during her many years as a priest. The second part consists of messages and information received through a friend whose ability to communicate with the angelic world, unlike many mediumistic or channeling methods, does not entail a dimming of consciousness. 


The messages she receives contain important guidance from the angels to humanity, including advice on how to relate to angels and how to receive clear messages from them. The book also includes answers to questions asked by Irene Johanson on the Archangel Michael, the Apocalypse, Jesus Christ, and much more.