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Wielding Power: The Essence of Ritual Practice

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What is ritual? How does it work? Charles R. Tetworth takes a look at ritual in its many aspects, ranging from its roles in the patterns of everyday life to its use in cementing a nation’s political identity. 


The core of this book is a highly practical discussion of how to make and use the tools of rit­ual magic. Tetworth outlines what he calls the “bootstrap” approach. Following an extremely ancient tradition, the aspiring magician makes these tools from scratch, empowering them with dedication, hard work, and attention. Tetworth also shows how to use them to form a link between this world and the realms of the unseen, all the while stressing that magical power has its dangers and must be used with responsibility. 


Lively, humorous, and concise, Wielding Power is must reading for anyone interested in magic, Wicca, or the role of ritual in the life of the spirit. 


“This work is full of riches clearly drawn from long and intimate experience with and practice of the subject.... Anyone who follows the spiritual ways of action, devotion, or contemplation will find many of the exercises and med­itations enlightening in their fine detail, broad viewpoint, and profound implications” (from the foreword by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, author of The Work of the Kabbalist, School of the Soul, and Astrology and Kabbalah)