Cosmic Christianity & The Changing Countenance of Cosmetology

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Cosmic Christianity attempts to understand the connection between the earthly and the extraterrestrial worlds by understanding how the cosmic world- expressed in the movements of the stars- and the deeds of Christ during the three years of his life on earth are related. The gestures of each of the classical planets during these years are worked out, and correlated with the specific deeds of Christ as recorded in the Gospels. For example, the apparent looping movements of the planet Mercury are connected to the so-called "seven signs" or miracles described in the Gospel of St. John. Sucher then explores the many ways in which these healing deeds, inscribed in the heavens during the "three years" continue to work on in evolution through historical events and human biographies. Through studying this we realize how human beings are responsible for developing the new Christian mysteries, thereby renewing the cosmos of the stars.

The Changing Countenance of Cosmology is based on eight lectures given in England in 1969 and presents many of the fundamental perspectives for a star wisdom appropriate for modern humanity. Topics covered include: the evolution of cosmology from ancient times; the origins of the planetary symbols and the working of the planetarty spheres; the new relationship to the stars as evidenced in human biographies and historical events; and the role of the Archangel Michael in the human being's relationship to the stars. 

Combining these two books in one volume provides the reader with a foundation for understanding the new star wisdom-astrosophy- as well as an introduction to the heart of Willi Sucher's life work, which was to answer the call of Rudolf Steiner to assure that the Mystery of Golgotha lives on into the future through a spiritual understanding of the correlations between the earth and the cosmos of the stars.