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Education for Special Needs, 1998 Edition

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The Curative Education Course


In 1924, when attitudes to people with special needs were radically different, Rudolf Steiner gave this seminal course of lectures to a small group of teachers and doctors as a fundamental basis for their work. Many decades later, the movement he inspired has grown enormously, with hundreds of homes around the world for both children and adults with special needs. Revolutionary in its approach, the far-reaching perspectives of this course remain a living source of inspiration to those professionals in the field who are cultivating a spiritual approach.

Rudolf Steiner describes different polarities of illnesses and derives therapies from a comprehensive analysis. He considers individual cases in great detail and gives indications on therapeutic exercises and medical treatment. Throughout the course Rudolf Steiner also gives valuable advice for the development of the educator's own abilities.

This edition features a revised translation, colour plates, and an index.


This 1998 edition has gone out of print and being replaced with a newer version.  However, we do currently have one in stock.


  • Written by Rudolf Steiner, CW 317
  • Translated by Mary Adams
  • 256 pages
  • 8.5" x 5.3"
  • Paperback