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Five Articles from the Book Der Toneurythmie Kurs von Rudolf Steiner (edited by Stefan Hasler), Translated by Dorothea Mier

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This volume includes english translations of five articles from the German book, Der Toneurythmie Kurs von Rudolf Steiner (edited by Stefan Hasler).

The contents include:

Forward by Dorothea Mier

1. The Emergence of the Musical out of the Polarity of Major and Minor - Goethe's Music Theory and Tone Eurythmy, Introduction to the first lecture of Eurythmy as Visible Singing - By Ingrid Everwijn, Trans. by Dorothea Mier

2. An Esoteric Intermezzo - The inner silk Road - By Elsemarie Ten Brink, Trans. by Dorothea Mier

3. A Eurythmical Path of Practice - Cross and Resurrection - By Carina Schmidt, Trans. by Dorothea Mier

4. From the Beginning Time of Tone Eurythmy - The Indications for the Forming (Gestaltung) of the 'Steps' - By Margrethe Solstad, Trans. by Dorothea Mier

5. From "the Primordial Tao of Atlantis" to the Present: Rudolf Steiner's Descriptions of the TAO - By Ulrich Kaiser, translated by Cliff Venho

Biographies of Authors


Translated by Dorothea Mier and Cliff Venho

Published by Dorothea Mier 2015

8.5" x 11"

68 pages