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Future Dawning: Awakening in America (A Spiritual Fantasia on World Themes)

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“A masterly and original artistic metamorphosis, daring throughout,
yet contained and congruent with respect to its spiritual context.”
— Dr. James Dyson, Anthroposophic physician (retired)
and psychologist. Cofounder, Park Attwood Clinic

“This mighty work offers room for hope in our troubled, challenging,
sometimes encouraging, but so confusing times. I stand in awe.”
— Signe Eklund Schaefer, Founding director,
Center for Biography and Social Art and author of
Why on Earth?: The Practice of Human Becoming

“A deeply penetrated and highly authentic rendering of potential
karmic developments among the characters of Rudolf Steiner’s
four mystery dramas.”
— David Fairclough, Country Representative
Anthroposophical Society in Ireland

“The language pulls me in. A powerful message. I feel great things
will come from this play. I hope it’s produced worldwide.”
— Shelter Somerset, author of Between Two Worlds