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Hairy Hettie

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Hettie the Highland cow has lots of hair to keep her warm and cosy. But other animals want to be cosy, too... In springtime, two blackbirds stop by and build their nest in Hettie's hair. She's a cow not a hedge! 


In summertime, butterflies lay their eggs in Hettie's fur, and they grow into wriggling caterpillars.


In autumn, a squirrel burrows into her fur to hibernate. 


And in winter, a mountain hare hops aboard, too! Poor Hettie. She's a cow, not a hairy hotel! Maybe it’s time for a haircut... 


This is the second story about loveable Hettie the Highland cow. It takes us through the seasons in Scotland. This charming, funny story is brought to life by Jo Allan's lively illustrations. 


(Ages 3-6)