Organic Wool Nursing Pads

$ 22.00 USD

Organic Wool Nursing Pads is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

LANACare  (price per pair)


Every nursing mother wants breastfeeding to be a positive experience for her and her baby. These incredibly soft and soothingly comfortable nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breastfeeding.


LANACare Nursing Pads Are Superior to Cotton or Disposable Pads


Comfortable! Wick moisture away to keep skin feeling dry.  When wet, feel warm, not cold & clammy like disposables or cotton.  Maintain a comfortable temp in heat or cold.

Beneficial! Can provide soothing relief for most common breastfeeding problems.

Less noticeable!  More coverage means edge falls further back, near seams of bra, to avoid a noticeable bump or edge through your shirt. Variety of sizes & styles to suit each woman’s needs.

Economical!  2-3 pairs of pads & 1 bottle of soap can carry a woman through all her breastfeeding needs.

Women LOVE these nursing pads – how often do you hear that about a nursing pad??