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Lewis Clowns Around

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Poor Lewis hates being a puffin. His brother Harris is great at catching fish, flying, and doing puffin things. Lewis, however, just doesn’t fit in. He longs for a different life, far from the crashing waves and tall cliffs of the Firth of Forth. But what else can a puffin do? 


Then, “Eureka!” Lewis finds the answer and heads off to the circus to become a clown. He meets many incredible creatures—Carla Koala, Zorro the Highwire Cat, the Flying Blue Monkeys, and Daredevil Pat. But when his act goes terribly wrong, can Lewis overcome his fears, find some confidence and save the day?


A charming and hilarious rhyming picture book about a young misfit puffin who learns that it’s okay to be different. The story is brought to life by the colorful, characterful illustrations of Gabby Grant.


(Ages 3–6)