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Love and the Evolution of Consciousness: A Study of the Transformation of the Human Soul, the Double, and the Spirit

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“We have not understood yet that the discovery of the unconscious means an enormous spiritual task, which must be accomplished if we wish to preserve our civilization.” —C. G. Jung

“Love is ultimately the most meaningful of human experiences. In all its various forms, love leads us to the fulfillment of human existence. Love has the power to unite us with our true self, to unite us with the spiritual essence in others, and it has the power to carry us on wings of selflessness to unite with the Divine.” —Karen Rivers

In this compelling and meticulously crafted book, Karen Rivers expresses the imperative need of individuals to walk a path of inner development that can lead to an ever-growing capacity for selfless love. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg, the author presents insights and strategies for understanding and transforming impure aspects of one’s self to cultivate heart thinking

The author describes the complexities of the human soul and the ninefold double; examines thought patterns, default feeling responses, and subconsciously driven reactions of the double; and discusses the dynamics of karma and the power of forgiveness as they relate to our path toward the embodiment of conscious love. This journey is further illuminated by stories of remarkable individuals who courageously and selflessly devoted their lives to the mission of love. 

Love and the Evolution of Consciousness concludes with a meditation course for cultivating will forces and transforming the inner self.

“One must not say that the world is imperfect because it contains evil. Far rather, is it perfect precisely on that account. The creators of the world needed evil in order to bring the good to development. A good must first be broken on the rock of evil. The All-Love can be brought to its highest blossoming through only self-love.” —Rudolf Steiner


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Introduction: Even Unto the Least of My Brothers . . . 

Chapter 1: Approaching the Inner Chamber of the Soul

  • Context 
  • The Mission of the Earth 
  • The Ninefold Human Being 
  • Physical Body: Material Structure 
  • Etheric Body: Life Processes 
  • Astral Body: Consciousness Body 
  • Sentient Soul: Feeling Soul Life 
  • Intellectual Soul: Thinking Soul Life 
  • Consciousness Soul: Will Soul Life 
  • Ego: The Human “I”
  • Spirit Self: Purified Astral Body—Manas 
  • Life Spirit: Purified Etheric Body—Buddhi 
  • Spirit Human: Purified Physical Body—Atma 
  • The Double: The Counter Image of the True Self 
  • Lucifer in Hebrew Scripture 
  • Ahriman in Persian Mythology 
  • Lucifer and Ahriman in Anthroposophy 
  • The Presence of Lucifer and Ahriman in the Human Soul 
  • Karmic Double 

Chapter 2: The Luciferic Double: The Crown of Glory

  • The Fall from Paradise 
  • Luciferic Thinking 
  • Humility: The Antidote for Luciferic Thinking
  • Luciferic Feeling 
  • Silence and Questioning: The Antidote for Luciferic Feeling 
  • Luciferic Will 
  • Honesty and Shame: The Antidote for Luciferic Willing 
  • The Redemption of Lucifer 

Chapter 3: The Ahrimanic Double: The Claws of Fear 

  • Ahrimanic Thinking 
  • Warmth: Transformed Love—the Antidote for Ahrimanic Thinking
  • Ahrimanic Feeling 
  • Love: The Antidote for Ahrimanic Feeling
  • Ahrimanic Will 
  • Starving the Impulse: The Antidote for Ahrimanic Willing 
  • The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Love through Ahriman 

Chapter 4: The Karmic Double: The Web of Destiny 

  • The Weaving of Karma 
  • The Karmic Double 
  • Karmic Double Thinking 
  • Personal Responsibility: The Antidote for Karmic Thinking 
  • Karmic Double Feeling 
  • Objectivity: Infusing Astral Feelings with “I” Consciousness—the Antidote for Karmic Feeling
  • Karmic Double Will 
  • Mastering the Five Currents of the Will: The Antidote for Karmic Willing 
  • The First Current of the Will: The Head as an Expression of the Heart 
  • The Second Current of the Will: The Right Hand 
  • The Third Current of the Will: The Left Hand 
  • The Fourth Current of the Will: The Right Foot 
  • The Fifth Current of the Will: The Left Foot 
  • The Five Currents of the Will and the Five Wounds of Christ 
  • Overcoming the Karmic Double 
  • The Paradox between Law and Grace 
  • Individual Karma and World Karma 

Chapter 5: Karma and Forgiveness: Holding the Universe Together

  • Forgiveness and the Law of Karma 
  • Seeking Forgiveness 
  • Bestowing Forgiveness 
  • Forgiveness as a Gift of Grace 
  • Receiving the Gift of Forgiveness 
  • The Metaphysics of Love and Forgiveness 
  • The Deeper Responsibility of Guilt 
  • The Capacity to Forgive 

Conclusion: Charting the Course