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Nature Spirits of the Trees: Interviews with Verena Stael von Holstein

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Verena Stael von Holstein has learned to communicate with elemental beings in nature, and to translate their language into human terms. In Nature Spirits and What They Say, we heard from fire spirits, air spirits, water spirits and stone spirits, as well as others. In this new volume, we hear from the nature spirits that resemble human beings most closely—the trees. 


Through Verena Stael’s channeling ability, conversations with a number of trees are relayed. They reveal compelling insights into the role of each tree in the natural world and its relationships with the spirit world, with human beings, and with other creatures. They emphasize, especially, the characteristics of each tree that correspond with human soul qualities. 


The interviews disclose fascinating and often challenging insights into these beings and the natural world. They will inspire the reader to approach trees in an entirely new way.