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Pioneers of Religious Renewal: A History of The Christian Community in the English-Speaking World

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The Christian Community is a unique church organization in the modern world. It values the rhythm and ritual of the sacraments (such as baptism and holy communion), and has re-established them in a form which tries to meet the deepest needs of searching souls. At the same time, it proclaims the right of individuals to judge what they believe, rather than what the church tells them. It therefore offers something quite particular and vital for the future of Christianity.


This book looks back to the founding of The Christian Community in 1922, following inspiration from Rudolf Steiner, and especially its beginnings in English-speaking countries. It includes accounts of the key personalities who brought the organization into existence, such as Friedrich Rittelmeyer and Emil Bock, as well as the priests and leaders who pioneered it in Britain, North America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, including Alfred Heidenreich, Oliver Matthews, Verner Hegg, Heinz Maurer, Julian Sleigh, Eileen Hersey, Michael Tapp, and many more.