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Reuben and Barney's Day on the Farm

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Reuben lives on a farm with his dog Barney. Today they woke up and rushed outside to start an exciting new day. They feed the chickens, pigs, and rabbits, weed the vegetable patch and stop the naughty goats from eating all the flowers. They visit the cows, ride Chestnut the pony, and try not to get stung by the buzzy bees. They play outside in the fields and the orchard until it's time to go home for supper. 

This bright, lively picture book is packed with character and movement. There are plenty of animals for young children to spot, and noises for them to join in with. Children will make friends with lovable Reuben and Barney as they play and do simple jobs on the farm. 

(Ages 2-5)