Spiritual Tasks Of Homemaker

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Will homemaking ever again be seen as an important role in modern society? Can it become a real career?


In recent years the role of homemaking has been somewhat derided and diminished in relation to careers outside the home. Furthermore, women are urged to return to the workplace as quickly as possible following childbirth. Homemaking is not generally viewed as real work, while daycare centers and childcare workers fill the gap. 


The author maintains that the old understanding of the homemaking role needs to be reenlivened with spiritual knowledge. We can, for example, begin to work with the suprasensory aspects of the household, the etheric and astral qualities there, as well as the various spiritual beings that are connected with the home. 


This book provides a generous helping of advice and ideas to help all those whose destiny is to develop a career that involves caring for home and family. It offers recognition of the dignity and importance of creating an environment that protects and nurtures children, preparing them for the larger world. 


Written by Manfred Schmidt-Brabant 

48 pages


Published November 1998