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The Destinies of Individuals and of Nations (CW 157)

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14 Lectures in Berlin, Sept. 1, 1914 to July 6, 1919 (CW 157)

Steiner started each of these lectures, given during the war years, with a verse for those who had died. He begins this volume with a consideration of the destinies of nations from a spiritual point of view. He goes on to consider the Christ-Impulse and the Michaelic Spirits that serve him. Also included are lectures on the three stages of imaginative knowledge, the rhythm of sleeping and waking, the relation between our physical and etheric bodies, and the prophetic nature of dreams. The last lecture takes up the question of the cosmic meaning of our sense impressions and of our thinking, feeling, and willing.

This volume is an translation from German of Menschenschicksale und Völkerschicksale (GA 157).