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The Drama of the Universe

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After these deliberations, one can well ask whether humanity can ever expect to emancipate itself from being involuntarily involved in the great battles of the cosmos. The picture that we have given so far is only a meagre cross-section through a welter of historic events...

Can humanity ever hope to be free of something which it does not know? ... Another question is: What does one understand by freedom? If it is a question of wanting to get out of the whole set-up of the universe, then the next problem would be: Where to? As long as we are part of the solar universe, we must accept existence on the general conditions of this cosmos. However, the picture looks totally different as soon as human existence becomes a question of consciously, even self-consciously, partaking in the cosmic process. Seen from this angle, freedom could be defined as decision to integrate oneself in the ultimate Purpose of the solar process, which may even lie outside the absolute orbit of the present solar universe. The opposite- dependence- would be indentification of the self with the process, not the purpose, of the solar system. It would still be dependence, even if one recognized intelligence or "Intelligences" as the cause of the process. - Willi Sucher