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The Karma of Materialism (CW 176, part)

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Rudolf Steiner examines the effects of scientists’ failure to examine thinking itself since the beginning of the so-called scientific revolution. This has led to a materialistic attitude in human culture that generates what Steiner calls “the karma of materialism.” He explains that there is a lack of harmony between the human intellect, which involves the physical body and life forces, and the sense of morality, which involves the most recent aspect of our human constitution—our individuality, or I-being. 


  • Foreword by Owen Barfield 
  • Forgotten Aspects of Cultural Life 
  • False Analogies 
  • Rhythm in Breathing and Cognition 
  • Spiritual Courage versus Indolence 
  • Christ and the Present 
  • Reflections on the Times 
  • Luther (two lectures) 
  • Spiritual Science and Insight