The Metamorphosis of Plants

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This booklet contains Goethe's treatise on the metamorphosis of plants in 123 paragraphs as well as Rudolf Steiner's essay "The Origin of Goethe's Theory of Metamorphosis."


Anyone interested in Goethe's dynamic concept of the metamorphosis of plants should read this original treatise. A prime example of his "perceptive power of judgment," this fascinating little work introduces a radically new way of looking at plants as lively manifestations of dynamic formative principles.




Origin of the Theory of Metamorphosis by R. Steiner

The Metamorphosis of Plants


Of the Seed Leaves

The Development of the Stem-Leaves from Node to Node

Transition to the Flower

Formation of the Calyx

Formation of the Corolla

The Formation of the Stamens


More about the Stamens

Formation of the Style and Stigma

The Fruits

The Immediate Covering of the Seed

A Glance Backward and Forward

Eyes and their Development

Formation of Composite Flowers and Fruits

A Proliferous Rose

A Proliferous Carnation

Linnaeus's Theory of Anticipation



Written by Johann von Goethe 

69 pages

5 1/2" x 8 1/2" 

Published December 1993