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The Rose Cross Meditation: An Archetype of Human Development

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The Rose Cross meditation is central to the Western, Rosicrucian path of inner development as presented by Rudolf Steiner. He repeatedly referred to this meditation as a “symbol of human development” illustrating the transformation of human instincts and desires that work unconsciously in the soul and in thought, feeling, and the will. Through self-development, the "I" (the essential self) can gain mastery over the unconscious forces of the soul.

The Rose Cross meditation features the red rose as the image to which a student aspires via specific means. Added to the rose is the black cross, which points to the mystery of death and resurrection and provides a symbol of the higher development of the human “I.” The metamorphosis of the roses and the cross into the symbol of the Rose Cross is brought about through the one’s inner efforts, creating an entirely new image. This becomes the starting point for further steps on the meditative path.

The Rose Cross meditation is the only pictorial meditation whose content and structure Steiner described in such detail. This invaluable book gathers virtually all Steiner’s statements on this subject.