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The Sacred Mysteries of Egypt: The Flowering of an Ancient Civilisation

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and other papyri and paintings, have long held a fascination for modern people, but they are easily and often dismissed as superstitions, fanciful poetry. In recent times, however, serious interest in them has reawakened. What is their origin and could they still hold wisdom for us today?

Frank Teichmann has researched Egyptian civilization for more than forty years, and in this beautiful and profusely illustrated book he shows that a deep understanding of the sacred mysteries of Egypt is a key to illuminating the texts and images of the time. Egyptian mystery centers were places of spiritual initiation in which trainees had powerful, direct contact with spiritual beings. It was their task to bring their newfound knowledge to the wider population, through the use of texts such as the Book of the Dead.

The sacred mysteries that the trainees experienced are also borne out by the spiritual research of Rudolf Steiner. Teichmann explores the mysteries in compelling detail, to show their enduring significance for today.