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The Shifty Lad and the Tales He Told: Celtic Folk Stories

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The Shifty Lad, as his name suggests, had a way of generally escaping sticky situations. In these delightful and amusing tales of roguery and cunning, we learn about his childhood, how he longed to become a thief, and about his career among the villains of highways and byways. 

We also discover how the Shifty Lad escaped a terrible fate and saved his life through the gift of telling stories, and how it all worked out happily in the end. 

These tales come from the Celtic cultures of Britain and Ireland. However, they are not necessarily Welsh, Irish, or Scottish according to the author, but a part of our wider human heritage, as are all tales that touch our feelings, strike a note of sadness, or lead to laughter. 

(Ages 8–15)