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Time of Decision with Rudolf Steiner

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"Friedrich Hiebel's facinating memoir of the early days of the Anthroposophical Society offers a unique, personal perspective on Rudolf Steiner's work and his relationship tohis students.

The chapters on the Christmas Conference of 1923 for the foundation of the Anthroposophical Society are particularly important.  Hiebel attended the meeting and his lively descriptions and the warmth of his style let those epoch-making events rise up again in our souls.  He not only recreates the solemn, sacred mood of the Laying of the Foundation Stone in the hearts of the members, but also provides insignts into the structure and meaning of the Foundation Stone verses.

Time of Decision with Rudolph Steiner is indispensable for anyone wishing to understand the roots of Anthroposophy and the early struggles of the Anthroposophical Society at a time when the world was in turmoil following the First World War." - From the Back Cover

Written by Friedrich Hiebel

Translated  by Maria St. Goar

A" X B"

390 pages